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Life After Divorce

Posted by Diane Cherry, Managing Partner | Mar 14, 2021

Post-Divorce Expert Consultants
Post-Divorce Advisors

Don't be Afraid to Reach out to Professionals for Advice.

If you've always relied on your spouse for financial advice, that will most likely change after divorce. Many people are intimidated when starting over following a divorce. They may need to refinance the mortgage on their existing home, sell a house or look for a new home.

After relocating, they may need to change doctors, dentists or CPAs either because they are no longer conveniently located or to avoid running into their ex-spouse. If you are like 99% of all divorcees, your finances will be substantially impacted by divorce and may require you to jump start your retirement savings plan.

A financial planner can often be a tremendous asset in this situation and can help you get back on track to where you need to be. The key is to take these changes in stride and use them as an opportunity to make positive changes for the better.

Oftentimes, the changes that follow divorce are a wake-up call for clients and an opportunity to be more focused, proactive and goal oriented in their post-divorce lives.

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