Timing is Everything

Posted by Diane Cherry, Managing Partner | Apr 08, 2022

Time is Money

If you have a divorce, custody case, modification, contempt or any other kind of family law case, you should be aware of the importance of time.  The time it takes your lawyer to file for you; the time you have to wait for a hearing and the time it takes to move your case along to a final resolution.

Why worry about time when you have so many other issues of concern?  Because time is money.  Every day your case is pending increases the likelihood you will be billed more in attorney's fees.  So the longer your case lasts, the more you pay in attorney's fees.  The faster your case is wrapped up, the less you pay in fees.  It's real simple.

So who you hire to represent you and how fast he or she moves your case along can make a big difference to your pocketbook.  You can burn through a lot of money if your lawyer drags out your case.  A lot of money can be wasted that way.

Lawyers know who moves fast and who drags things out.  But if you're not a lawyer and you're wondering how fast your lawyer moves cases, do a little research.  Look up the lawyer's cases.  It's public information that you can easily access.  See how many cases he or she closed last year or the year before and how many cases are closed within 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or longer.  Do your homework before you plop down a wad of money for a lawyer.  It may save you a bundle in the long run.

And don't discount the peace of mind that comes with finishing up a case sooner rather than later.  Not only will you save money by moving your case along faster but you may save your sanity as well.  And that's priceless.  

If you have a case that isn't moving, stay on top of your lawyer.  Ask questions.  Demand answers.  And insist that the case progress to a final conclusion.

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