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Posted by Diane Cherry, Managing Partner | Apr 05, 2022

Justice in Court
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We all know that if anyone messes with us, we can use the legal system to get justice.  We can take our spouse to court to sue them for divorce and ask the Judge to punish him or her for everything that we have been though during our marriage.  There's always court.  And courts and judges and juries know right form wrong and they can make things right.  Or so the story goes.  It's a nice idea if only things worked that way in the real world.

Unfortunately, judges and juries are people too.  They don't always see things the way you see them.  They don't always agree with your view of the past or the present.  And they don't always give us what we ask for even when we deserve it.  

Court is an option.  It's just not an ideal option in most cases.  It's costly.  Very costly.  It's time consuming.  And it's not easy to convince a judge or jury to give us everything we ask for.  Judges and juries are harsh critics.  They can be unforgiving.  And other lawyers can sometimes get in the way.  They have a client and a story to tell and they will work to defeat whatever it is you are seeking.

Hearings and trials don't always lead to justice.  Sometimes they lead to unjust outcomes.  That's just reality.  Don't assume that everything will turn out perfect in court.  It won't.  Even when you have a great case, you can't be assured of a great outcome. 

So go to court if you must.  Go to court if you want to.  It's your right to a trial and your right for 12 people to decide the outcome of your case.  Just don't expect perfect justice.  That happens on tv but rarely in real life.

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