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Secrets and Lies

Posted by Diane Cherry, Managing Partner | Mar 02, 2021

My Little Secret

I'll let you in on a little secret.  Everyone should have a lawyer in a divorce. Everyone.  

Anyone that tells you that you don't need a lawyer is lying to you.

Sometimes I get people who ask me if they really need a lawyer.  Yes, you really do need a lawyer.  Really.

A lawyer can and should explain your legal rights and responsibilities.  A lawyer will tell you the best and worst case scenarios for your case.  A lawyer will help negotiate the best outcome in your case.  And if you choose the right lawyer, the lawyer will pay for him or herself ten times over.

So get a lawyer.  Don't try to do it alone.  Give yourself every benefit of the doubt.  You need someone who has the skills, insight and experience to help you plan for the next phase of your life in the most orderly way possible.

It's true that "only a fool has himself for a lawyer."

If you want to protect yourself, hire a lawyer and follow your lawyer's advice.

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Diane Cherry, Managing Partner

I am an Atlanta area Family Law Attorney who has represented hundreds of clients in federal and state courts and administrative hearing cases throughout the State of Georgia.


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