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Divorce Lawyers for Men

Posted by Diane Cherry, Managing Partner | Mar 04, 2021

Father's Rights in Georgia
Georgia Divorce Lawyers for Men

If you are a man who is soon to be divorced in Georgia, do you need a divorce lawyer that caters solely to the needs of men? Are Georgia divorce lawyers for men different from divorce lawyers for women?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to hire the best lawyer to represent you. In fact, it's a good idea to look for and hire a good lawyer who has a reputation for consistently getting great results.

The best Georgia lawyer for your divorce doesn't have to specialize in representing only men. The truth is, the best divorce lawyers are equally qualified and able to represent both men and women. Top divorce lawyers in Georgia typically acquire their skills by representing a broad range of clients of both sexes.

If you hire a lawyer who only represents men, he or she will lack the perspective that a more-well rounded lawyer who represents both men and women will have.

Instead of a hiring a divorce lawyer to provide you with a canned formula for how men should act in divorces, when you hire an attorney who represents both men and women, you are able to get thoughtful and considered representation and advice that is tailored to your needs.

Too often, the canned recommendations that law firms for men rely on in all divorces involving men are easily spotted by Judges as phony posturing. For example, a father's sudden, overnight interest in caring for minor children, such as taking them to school and doctor's appointments and attending extracurricular activities looks suspect when it's never before happened in the past. Such dramatic changes during a divorce are more likely to be a flag for concern than a help in a custody battle. 

Finding a top Georgia divorce lawyers who represent both men and women is a better investment in your case than hiring a divorce lawyer for men. Before you fall for an advertising gimmick, talk to the most experienced and qualified Georgia divorce lawyer you can find and decide for yourself.

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