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Who Gets The Ring in Georgia Divorces?

Posted by Diane Cherry | Mar 31, 2015 | 0 Comments

Georgia Divorce and Engagement Rings
Engagement Rings In Georgia Divorces

It's the age old problem. 

You paid too much for the ring to begin with and you may still be paying on it so if the marriage doesn't work out and you are getting divorced in Georgia, who gets the ring??

Most judges will find that the ring was intended as a gift, was deemed to be a gift by the recipient and was delivered and accepted as a gift.

Gifts don't have to be given back.  They remain with the person who they were given to.

However, when rings and other jewelry are purchased during the marriage by one spouse for themselves, it is considered marital property and not a gift.

In Georgia, marital property has to be equitably divided.  Gifts can be kept by the recipient.

So fellas don't get too excited about getting the ring back.  It almost never happens.

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Diane Cherry

I am an Atlanta area Family Law and Criminal Law Attorney who has represented hundreds of clients in federal and state courts and administrative hearing cases throughout the State of Georgia.


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