When Your Love Runs Out of Gas...

Posted by Diane Cherry, Managing Partner | Aug 05, 2022 | 0 Comments

Divorce 101
When Your Love Runs Out of Gas

Ever wonder where to start when your love runs out of gas? Counseling? Divorce? Private Investigator? Keystroke logger? GPS Tracking device?  Turn a blind eye to cheating?  Make nice or turn into a raging lunatic?  

For starters, keep a cool head.  Mistakes leading up to or during a divorce are often worse than doing nothing at all.  Don't overreact.  Some marriages survive the most unimaginable horrors.  Others disintegrate over the slightest misdeeds. You put a lot into your marriage so take your time to really think about the best way to address where you are and what options you have.  

Second, take stock of what you it means to split up.  Is divorce even an alternative right now?  For some, it is not.  Whether due to unemployment, financial distress or an unwillingness to put children through the pain of a divorce, it may not be an option at present.  If that's the case, make the bets of the present and plan for your future divorce.  Think about the importance of how your actions and decisions today will impact a divorce in the future.  And consult with a divorce lawyer to make sure you fully  understand what to expect if and when you file for divorce.  

Next, get your affairs in order as the old saying goes.  Make sure you have the information, documents, evidence and witnesses you will need for the day when you can no longer delay the divorce.  Why waste time (and money on attorney's fees) when you can assemble the documents and evidence you need in advance.  Take photos, record events, keep good notes and look over your shoulder in case your spouse is doing the same.  Be prepared to hit the ground running when the day finally comes.  The more prepared you are, the smoother your divorce will go.  

Finally, avoid unnecessary complications, such as registering on dating sites, exploring new relationships before your old one is over, drinking excessively, doing drugs or getting in the middle of domestic altercations that lead to Temporary Restraining Orders.  In a divorce, your past is examined in excruciating detail.  Your bank activity, credit card charges, cash withdrawals and internet activity become front and center.  If you prepare for the worse, you can survive anything in divorce and come out smelling like roses.  And if you need advice, feel free to call us to discuss your case.

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