New Age Communications

Posted by Diane Cherry, Managing Partner | Apr 26, 2022

New Age Communications.

If only we didn't have social media to contend with.  Life would be so much simpler.

Remember when we only used typewriters to send messages to others?  Probably not but there once was a time when social media didn't exist. 

But that was then and this is now and things have changed.

We now have to deal with texts, emails, tweets, IMs, Instagram, Facebook posts and messages and everything else social.

Your messages are secret, so you say?  Think again.

Our technology is so efficient at syncing to other devices and updating us 24/7 that we are often providing the ingredients for a very juicy showdown in court when your spouse discovers you've been carrying on with someone else.

Or maybe there is no one else.  What harm can your texts and emails do?

And what harm can there be in venting and telling your spouse what a low life you think he/she is?

Quite a bit incidentally.  Quite a bit.

With the right technology, deleted messages can even be recovered and resurrected in court.

So what to do you need to know about social media?

Think before you hit send.

Don't react to the mudslinging and don't make it personal.

Keep it courteous and focused on what is necessary and important to convey.

Assume the Judge will be seeing your communications so take the time to make a good impression every time you write something.

When you want to document an incident, event or conversation, make sure anyone can understand what you are saying.  Oftentimes people use a form of social media shorthand which is problematic in court.

Don't use shorthand.  Spell out everything.

Don't lecture your spouse.

State you position and move on if you don't agree.

Work at making sure all of your communications are mature, direct, to the point, and considerate.

Practice makes perfect.

If you haven't got the hang of it yet, keep trying until you do.

It's that important to your case.

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