Double Dating and Divorce

Posted by Diane Cherry, Managing Partner | Mar 25, 2022

When I was in high school and two couples went on a date together, we referred to it as double dating. Today, I think of double dating a little differently.  Double dating in divorce is what I call dating someone while still married and not yet divorced from your spouse.  No one wants to hear that advice because so many people do it. But it is such a wickedly bad idea. So so bad on so so many levels. For so many reasons.  Yes, it will hurt your case!
It will make you look bad to the Judge.
It will make you look even worse if you have kids.
Not a good lesson in morality for kids, is it?
And it just looks and sounds so cheesy. Just don't do it.  At least not if I am representing you.
Having someone new clouds your judgment. In a big way.
You need to stay grounded in a divorce.
You need to stay focused in a divorce.
You need to make good decisions in a divorce.
You don't need to be influenced by a third party in a divorce.
You don't want to make decisions based upon a potential new relationship.
Assume you will be alone and on your own after your divorce
Now, make the best decisions you can for yourself or yourself and your children if they are under 18. Don't rely on someone else being there to pick up the pieces after your divorce.
It oftentimes doesn't work out that way. Something spooks them and they are gone and you have no marriage and no one else waiting in the wings.  So face it. Not a good idea to start a new relationship before you are finished with the old.  If it is real love, he/she will be there when you are finally divorced. If it wasn't real love, you haven't lost anything anyway.
Do yourself a favor and don't date anyone else while going through a divorce.  Don't text, don't email, don't kiss, don't hold hands and don't have sex with anyone while going through a divorce.  Even if you think you've found the George Clooney or Angelina Jolie of your dreams, wait until your divorce is over to begin a new relationship. Dating someone new while going through a divorce is the quickest way to mess up your case. 

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