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The City of Kennesaw is considering the rezoning application for property on Shiloh Road adjacent to Wade Green Business Center.  
The Current plans filed by Fountain Residential Partners, LLC include four story buildings with 149 units to house 400 beds (400 students) with 374 parking spaces. 
The rezoning application seeks to:
1.   reduce the front setback along Shiloh Road from 40 feet to 20 feet;
2.  reduce the landscape buffer adjacent to Wade Green Business Center Offices from 25 feet to 10 feet;
3.   increase the permissible density from 12 units per acre to 24.7 units per acre and
4.  increase the permissible height of buildings from 40 feet to 47 feet. 
If approved, the rezoning will result in MAJOR CHANGES to Wade Green Business Center, including:
1.  Significantly Increase Pedestrian Traffic in Wade Green Office Park and Vehicular Traffic and Congestion on Shiloh Road;
2.  Significantly Increase the Noise from Music, Parties, Events & People Adjacent to Wade Green Business Center;
3.  Increase the Likelihood of Higher Vandalism Rates for Wade Green Business Center Offices and  
4.  Substantially Lower Property Values of Wade Green Business Center Offices.
The already difficult left turn out of our office park during evening rush hour will only be exacerbated with 400 students leaving student housing and heading past our office toward campus, toward the stadium and toward restaurants/shopping on Chastain Road and at Town Center Mall.
This traffic/safety concern for our office park, as well as for the student residents, supports our request for a significant reduction in the number of units/beds/students/cars from the current proposal.
There is an urgent need to attend all upcoming meetings and to express any concerns directly to the City of Kennesaw.  Every Wade Green owner faces a substantial risk of having problem neighbors in the future and substantially reduced property values.  
Please check back to this site regularly to learn about all upcoming meeting dates and times.

More Information will be provided when available.

Please direct any questions to Vince Dolan, President @ Riverside Property Management:470-377-4100 

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